[Tracker-discuss] Another Python tracker spinoff...

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Sun Feb 10 15:27:36 CET 2008

FYI...  From a posting to the XEmacs Beta mailing list:

>>>>> "Stephen" == Stephen J Turnbull <stephen at xemacs.org> writes:

    Stephen> At long last the XEmacs Project enters the 21st century with a
    Stephen> modern issue tracker of its own.

    Stephen> It's based on the Roundup tracker designed by Ka-Ping Yee and
    Stephen> implemented by Richard Jones, with a few pieces (and probably
    Stephen> more to come) borrowed from the Python issue tracker.

    Stephen> It's been primed with about 125 XEmacs issues from the
    Stephen> xemacs-beta mailing list since October 1, 2007, and 60 or so
    Stephen> tracker-specific issues.  Currently users are expected to
    Stephen> interact with the tracker via the web interface, but a filter
    Stephen> on the xemacs-beta list which will automatically forward bug
    Stephen> reports to the tracker is planned for the near future.

    Stephen> To get started with the tracker, visit

    Stephen>     http://tracker.xemacs.org/XEmacs/its/



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