[Tracker-discuss] SPAMBAYES_URI (Was: Call for volunteers to help maintain bugs.python.org's issue tracker)

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Sat Feb 23 22:00:41 CET 2008

    >> Well, I kinda do know what the SpamBayes subpackage does, but seem to
    >> have lost a reference for the source code repository.  If you can
    >> provide a link I will take a look.

    Martin> http://svn.python.org/projects/tracker/

Thanks.  I checked out the code and began poking around.  I see six
instances.  It looks like the python-dev-spambayes-integration and
spambayes_integration instances haven't been updated since last July.  I
will assume those are inactive.  It appears the python-dev instance includes
the SpamBayes changes.  The jobs and jython instances seem to as well.  The
meta tracker has "spambayes" in a somewhat different set of files.  I'm not
sure why/how that differs.  I did the initial auditor creation, but Erik was
the person who integrated this into the python-dev Roundup instance.

The SpamBayes setup is supposed to connect to a running SpamBayes server.
In python-dev/detectors/config.ini.template it's listed as


which I am not running.  I'm not sure what the actual config.ini file says.
I gave directions about installing it last June:


It looks like Erik installed it in July:


and confirmed its setup here:


If you can login on the tracker host you should be able to fire up a web
server and connect to


then use that interface to train submissions as spam or ham.  I have no idea
if that's been done since it was first installed.  Perhaps Erik knows.  The
problem with making the interface more widely available is that the XMLRPC
server doesn't really implement any security of its own.  Protecting it with
an Apache reverse proxy that only allows some hosts to connect and requires
some simple authentication is probably good enough security.  If that can be
set up at that end, I'd be happy to take care of training through the web.
OTOH, maybe Erik set things up so you could train through the tracker
interface given the proper role.  (If that's set up I don't see anything in
the issue display that suggests I have the proper privileges.)

Is that enough information to get this activity back on-track?


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