[Tracker-discuss] Call for volunteers to help maintain bugs.python.org's issue tracker

Niels Reijers nielsreijers at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 23:28:31 CET 2008


I'm responding to Brett Cannon's call for volunteers to help maintain
Python's issue tracker. I've been planning to get involved with an open
source project for a while, but just never got around to it, so maybe this
is a good opportunity to get going.
I only started to use Python about two years ago, but it quickly became my
favourite language. Especially the emphasis on simplicity and readability
really matched my own ideas on coding. My day job is at an insurance company
where I'm techlead on a fun project, but unfortunately it's a C#-only shop.
I'd love to get a chance to use Python in something bigger than my pet
projects, and do something that will hopefully be useful to the Python
community at the same time.
The only concern I have is how much time I should be investing? As much as
I'd like to get involved, my work and private schedule are usually very
busy, so I expect to be limitted to about one evening a week, maybe two.
Will this be sufficient to make a useful contribution? If so, what's the
best way to get started?

 Niels Reijers
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