[Tracker-discuss] Do we need both Trac and Roundup?

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Sun Jan 6 17:57:28 CET 2008

A ticket I opened on Roundup about a website issue some time ago was closed
today.  It was related to a different topic, but in the discussion I wrote:

    Is there some reason at this point that we need to maintain two separate
    trackers?  A ton of work went into making our Roundup instance what the
    key players wanted.  Why not use it to track website issues as well?
    With them separate you have two communities of maintainers and triage
    folks who are mostly disjoint.

    I assume there would be some trac-to-roundup conversion necessary.
    Perhaps something like that already exists.

Do people think it would be worthwhile to merge the Trac tracker content
(the issue tracker that holds tickets related to the python.org website)
into the Roundup tracker (the issue tracker that holds tickets related to
Python the language)?  While they are nominally distinct activities, it
seems to me that we must waste some precious resources (mostly people)
maintaining two mostly disjoint trackers.  There is also some functionality
overlap, mostly in the documentation area.


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