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Martin v. Löwis metatracker at psf.upfronthosting.co.za
Sun Jan 20 11:19:11 CET 2008

Martin v. Löwis added the comment:

I have now imported the missing bugs (342 bugs) and feature requests (89),
for some reason, there weren't any patches (I have to check again).

As a side effect, a number of new users were also created; the complete list is
attached in the file newusers.

Unfortunately, some of them are now duplicates, as the real user has renamed his
account, causing the import to consider the user new. I propose that we rename
these accounts in an obvious manner, by suffixing them with .historic. So far, I
have identified the following duplicates

bwarsaw (now barry)
montanaro (now skip.montanaro)
bcannon (now brett.cannon)
perky (now hyeshik.chang)
rhamphoryncus (now Rhamphoryncus)

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