[Tracker-discuss] Editing "public" queries in tracker [was: ... project management]

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat Mar 22 19:51:33 CET 2008

I think this howto is of general interest to the community, but I'm
crossposting to Tracker-Discuss and redirecting discussion there.
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Barry Warsaw writes:

 > Thanks Martin, I think this will work for now.  Is there any way you  
 > can allow me to edit this query too?

While as Martin says only the author can edit a query, you can (in
Roundup 1.4.2, which bugs.python.org may not have yet?) edit a copy of
that query.  (Since a query is an object, you can keep the same name
for multiple queries.  **But:** This is a doubleplusungood idea
unless you coordinate with the first author to remove one of the
versions, because there is no way to distinguish multiple queries by
the same name except whether they are editable or not.)

What I see in the edit interface at first is

Query		Include ...	Edit      Private ...
YourQuery_	<leave in>	[not yours to edit]

(where trailing _ indicates a link and <> a GUI widget).  After
setting YourQuery "leave in: yes", I see

Query		Include ...	Edit      Private ...
YourQuery_	<leave in>	edit_     <yes>		[delete]
YourQuery_	<leave in>	[not yours to edit]

ie, it looks like Roundup automatically makes a copy for you to edit.
Urk ... once I've edited it, I now see

Query		Include ...	Edit      Private ...
YourQuery_	<leave in>	edit_     <yes>		[delete]
YourQuery_	<leave in>	edit_     <yes>		[delete]
YourQuery_	<leave in>	[not yours to edit]

where one of the editables is my version, and the other a copy of the
original query You wrote.  So even the editor is likely to find it
confusing unless he renames his new version.

Also, in 1.4.2 there seems to be a bug, such that my ordinary User was
unable retire or remove the query.  For now, you may not want to do
this a lot as your sidebar will get cluttered.

I wonder if it might be a good idea to have a convention to
distinguish public queries that may be used as templates?

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