[Tracker-discuss] [issue16] Automatic issue expiration

R. David Murray rdmurray at bitdance.com
Thu Apr 2 07:55:46 CEST 2009

On Thu, 2 Apr 2009 at 16:49, Tennessee Leeuwenburg wrote:
>> The closing of the issue should catch their attention. And commenting will
>> re-open it so it isn't hard to change the state. I still think that closing
>> a pending issue after 14 days is a good idea.
> I would suggest the period be a month. I don't there there is really a lot
> that would be solved by using 14 days instead of a month, whereas I can see
> that a lot of people might not always get around to responding to an issue
> in 14 days.

The exact time probably doesn't matter.  I think there are two cases:
either the OP (or anyone else) is going to respond within a couple days
or not at all, or they will respond after they get back from
vacation...so 14 days probably covers most people's vacations, and
a month ought to cover just about everyone :)

For some reason I can't articulate, though, I like 14 days.


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