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Daniel Diniz metatracker at psf.upfronthosting.co.za
Tue Mar 10 17:45:18 CET 2009

Daniel Diniz <ajaksu at gmail.com> added the comment:

It seems that setting the debug level to info avoids the inlining of the patch.
I'm mailing codereview-discuss to make sure :)

So far, the workflow for a new issue would be:
1 - Create a Roundup issue (RoI)
2 - Use the modified upload.py to create a Rietveld issue (RiI) that has a
reference to RoI in the subject. This adds a link to RoI at RiI. Uploading the
patch to RoI should be possible.
3 - The auditor creates a link in RoI to RiI

Any suggestions on this?

Before we add this, I'd like to have this workflow available:
1 - Using the modified upload.py, set a description and ask it to create a new
Roundup issue.
2 - It creates the issue and adds the patch
3 - Start at 2 in the above workflow :)

I have a script that does the 'create a new Roundup issue from command line'
working, just have to spend some time adding the bits to upload.py or a wrapper.

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