[Tracker-discuss] [issue340] Add 'website' component to report www.python.org issues

Ezio Melotti metatracker at psf.upfronthosting.co.za
Sun Aug 1 04:46:19 CEST 2010

Ezio Melotti <ezio.melotti at gmail.com> added the comment:

The website doesn't have a bug tracker, and I'm not sure it needs one (are there really so many reports about it?).
http://www.python.org/about/website/ says "To report a bug or to suggest an enhancement, send an e-mail to <webmaster at python.org>.".
FWIW there are plans to move the dev docs to docs.python.org, to make it easier to maintain. Once that is done it will be possible to file documentation issues in the normal bug tracker (and also contribute patches more easily).

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