[Tracker-discuss] Is tracker account creation functioning on python.org?

Georg Brandl georg at python.org
Wed Feb 2 08:34:32 CET 2011

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Am 02.02.2011 08:11, schrieb anatoly techtonik:
> On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 4:39 AM, John Dennis <jdennis at redhat.com> wrote:
>> On 02/01/2011 08:52 PM, John Dennis wrote:
>>> Today I tried to create an account on python.org. I completed the
>>> account request page and was told a confirmation email would be sent to
>>> the address I used. Nothing arrived, I did check my spam folders. So I
>>> tried again. This time I added a second email address with a different
>>> domain. Nothing arrived for either email or in either spam. I couldn't
>>> find a sysadmin irc channel for python.org. It was suggested I try here.
>>> Oh BTW, usually these types of confirmation emails arrive within a
>>> minute, but I did wait several hours just in case.
>>> Any suggestions?

John: I'd rather try postmaster at python.org if you'd like to know what took
the email so long; the postmasters will have access to python.org's mailer

>> Patience is a virtue :-) It took approximately 3 hours. According to the
>> email headers there was no email delay.
> Waiting for 3 hours to create an issue is a bad user experience.

Anatoly: What do you think we do with the confirmation email?  Delay it for some
time intentionally to scare of the damn users?  This is just what happens
to email sometimes, if e.g. the receiving mailserver is greylisting messages
from python.org for some time.  You really should know enough about email to
know it's not a real-time medium.  (And if you want to complain about the
python.org email servers, please write to postmaster at python.org.)

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