[Tracker-discuss] [issue409] Spam on jython tracker.

Alan Kennedy metatracker at psf.upfronthosting.co.za
Tue Jul 19 22:50:46 CEST 2011

Alan Kennedy <jython-dev at xhaus.com> added the comment:

> Should we retire those issues, messages and files then?

If that's the way for them to cease to exist, then please, yes. I just want for them to disappear.

They serve no purpose other than to pollute the jython tracker, lower our estimation in the eyes of jython users, lower our search engine ranking, and promote the activities of an illegal drug merchant.

> I was trying to retire a file doing
>   roundup> retire fileXXX
>   roundup> commmit
> from roundup-admin on my local tracker but even if I see 
>   Date                 User   Action   Args
>   2011-07-19 20:05:20  admin  retired  None
> in the file history, the file is still linked to issue, I can still access it, and the id is not reused when another file is attached.
> I also tried to unlink the file from the issue with
>   roundup> set issueXXX files=-YYY
> and 
>   /issueXXX?@action=edit&@remove at files=YYY
> but they both failed (also a few variants of these weren't successful).

I'm afraid I don't know enough about roundup to assist with these issues.

Thanks for your help.


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