[Tracker-discuss] [issue415] Mercurial integration: regression in diff generation

Éric Araujo metatracker at psf.upfronthosting.co.za
Sat Jan 7 16:39:20 CET 2012

Éric Araujo <merwok at netwok.org> added the comment:

> Using the mercurial diff format is intentional - the git format is utterly broken and must not be used.
“utterly broken” is a very strong opinion.  The git diff format supports things that unified diff does not and has one drawback to my knowledge (I forgot exactly what—it was one missing piece of information that you mentioned during one of the python-dev threads about Mercurial migration or Roundup-Mercurial integration).  Everyone recommends always using git diffs.

> As for changes that are reverted: what changes specifically? (or: what versions should it have compared
> instead of comparing 0c1c9bb590a9 and bc362109eed8?)
I’m sorry I don’t know exactly.  I have this comment from the bug report:

> I'm not sure how the bugtracker patch mechanism works, but the patch it produced included a lot of changes > that I didn't make (changesets already committed to the master repo).

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