[Tracker-discuss] [issue435] Rietveld Code Review Tool bugs

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Thu Jan 26 10:03:13 CET 2012

New submission from Retro <mamatijekurba at gmail.com>:

The Rietveheld Code Review Tool has 3 bugs:

1) Rietveld Code Review Tool isn't able to delete a patch set. For the patches that I create it displays a "Delete patch set" option, but it is broken. Always displays the 500 error page. I am not able to delete *any* of my patches that I want.

2) The option "Download raw patch set" is not broken, however, but has a sementic error. It does not download anything, it just *displays* the patch in the browser, not offers to save a *.diff or *.patch file.

3) When the "Delete patch set" option is present besides the "Download raw patch set", the former is squeezed to the delimiting symbol (the | symbol). It looks like this:
"Download raw patch set |Delete patch set"
which should have been displayed as
"Download raw patch set | Delete patch set"

messages: 2372
nosy: Retro
priority: bug
status: unread
title: Rietveld Code Review Tool bugs

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