[triangle-zpug] Atlanta users group emerging

Christopher Johnson cjj at ifpeople.net
Fri Dec 8 19:53:40 CET 2006

Hi friendly Southern neighbors :)

I wanted to let you all know we had our first meeting last night of a
half dozen folks who want to help grow the Plone community in Atlanta
last night, just in case there are others like me who have been watching
this list as the closest neighboring PUG :)

If so, please check out:
https://lists.gatech.edu/sympa/info/atlanta-plone-users and sign up to
be in contact. Shortly there will be the obvious plone site also :)

We would love to learn some of the lessons that TriZPUG has gotten
through in its evolution and any advice you have for us. 

Thanks! And happy friday Ploning ;)


ifPeople - Innovation for People
t: 678-608-3408

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