[triangle-zpug] Postgres/Plone optimization job

Philip Semanchuk philip at semanchuk.com
Fri Dec 15 01:20:15 CET 2006

Hi all,
I just got declined for this job, maybe someone else will have better 
luck than I. The job as it was described to me was for a "Postgres DBA 
for a Plone app. 10-15 days altogether.  3 days onsite, the rest you 
work from home.  $90/hr plus expenses is the expected rate. There is a 
good chance the work will go longer."

If you're interested (and who wouldn't be at $1.50/minute), here's the 
contact info:
Christopher Lozinski
lozinski at freerecruiting.com
1 (650) 384-0443

Disclaimer: I'm not associated with the employer or the recruiter.

I hope this isn't too off-topic for this list but I reckon one or two 
of you Plone-sters out there might have some strong Postgres chops.


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