[triangle-zpug] Speakers for January Meeting

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Wed Jan 17 00:18:53 CET 2007

Jim Allman wrote:
> - an AJAX-powered homepage based on Plone's quick-search, showing 
> filtered document results
> - a corporate e-card site with email notification, Flash cards, private 
> editing, and a public domain for display
> - using CMFEditions to auto-save versioned data, then showing its 
> evolution in a concise table using ZPT
> - centralized user management across multiple Plone sites, using SSL and 
> the new AjaxProxy product
> - using ClockServer to trigger periodic tasks in Zope without cron
> - securing a Plone site with SSL, SessionCrumbler, and expiring sessions

Holy crap! +1 to any of those! And I'll hold generators/decorators in 
the can until such time as we need a presentation (those are kind of the 
cliche topics for Python user groups anyway).

Folks coming to UNCZPUG on the same day may still see the generators or 
decorators talk if there are no other presentations forthcoming.

Good news: Cleveland, Chicago, and San Francisco are all planning PyCon 
2008 bids.

Other good news: TriZPUG helped start Houston ZPUG last week:


and it was fun.


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