[triangle-zpug] Last night's meeting

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Thu Jan 25 00:09:23 CET 2007

Thanks, Mike Revoir, for a great place to meet last night.

Jim Allman really showed off some AJAX chops in Plone.

I saw today that Andy McKay cut a new release of Clouseau since our demo 
last night:


I'd like to remind people who came to the meeting last night about the 
invitation to hang out on the #trizpug IRC channel just in general. 
Don't worry if nobody else is there when you drop in, or no one answers 
as soon as you message. It's more important just to be there for when 
the opportunities arise. That is, you can't see if something is 
happening in IRC if you aren't there to see it. :) Thanks brad and bendy 
for hanging out already today. Phillip and one of the sponsored 
sprinters (Calvin from Six Feet Up) joined us remotely today. It makes 
us look good when the rock stars come hang out on our channel and there 
are some of you already there as well.

Eight people came to a UNCZPUG meeting yesterday before the TriZPUG 
meeting. Here's the presentation on Python Decorators we did:


Ben Best volunteered to drive the snack and beverage service at Camp 5 
and the BBQ Sprint with the help of Hiawatha Demby, Jim Allman, and 
Edmund Mosely.

Rob Lineberger is driving lining up more sponsors. CCBC is chief sponsor.

Dave Powell is handling classroom issues.

An area of concern: transportation. How much do we need? Sponsored 
sprinter at the Hampton only (Whit and Phillip will be at the Carolina 
Inn)? Camp participants? Transportation to/from the BBQ and the 506 
(after the buses stop running).

Sorry About Dresden and The Nein have been added to our BBQ Sprint rock 
festival. Sorry About Dresden are lining up one more act for the bill. I 
can't say who until there is a confirmation. The Local 506 is giving us 
Friday night March 16 for the occasion:



We are on the front page of plone.org now in the news portlet. We were 
already on the front page of zope.org.

I found Camp 5 mentioned in the following blogs and aggregators:









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