[triangle-zpug] Jython talk?

Frank Wierzbicki fwierzbicki at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 19:07:26 CEST 2007

On 6/25/07, Mark R. Biggers <biggers at utsl.com> wrote:
> Hi Frank, your offer sounds great.

>   () if WSGI can (now) be made to work on Jython.  Turbogears or
>      Pylons running on Jython could be really useful...
There is a wsgi implementation for Jython: http://www.xhaus.com/modjy/
And I recently gave the implementer (Alan Kennedy) commit privileges
on Jython to get his socket work checked in (a prerequisite but not
enough to get Twisted working with Jython).  A Pylons guy has shown
some interest in Jython and I am trying to get SQLAlchemy to work with
the 2.3 alpha (a prereq for the next version of Turbogears).

>   () the progress of "standard" Py lib modules working on Jython
>   () maybe a (brief) compare/contrast to PyPy, in terms of ongoing
>      progress
>   () other "enterprise" industry interest in Jython, beyond a IBM
>      WebSphere app-deployment language (yow!)
I'll try to work in the above three.

>   () maybe a (brief) compare/contrast to all the "excitement" and Sun
>      involvement with JRuby (sigh...)
No need to be too disheartened here.  Charles Nutter (one of the
principle JRuby guys hired by Sun) Is very very interested in
extending the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) for *all* dynamic languages,
not just JRuby.  He is also very interested in forming a "core"
dynamic language library that all dynlangs can use on the JVM.  Also I
am in contact with some other Sun folks who are quite interested in
Jython if it can be shown to live ;)

Besides, Ruby and Python share much more in common than you might
think.  I follow both in my copious spare time, and Ruby and Python
are most definitely paying attention to one another and becoming more
similar over time (Guido has said that generators where inspired by
Ruby blocks, and Matz of Ruby has talked recently of *removing*
features from Ruby 2.0 and I hear Rubyists talking about "idiom"s all
the time -- don't know if there is a clear connection to the same
tendencies in Python-land since I don't follow Ruby as closely).

Clearly there are fundamental differences between the two that can
never come together, but really the similarities dominate (IMO).

PHP and Java for web development are the things I want to avoid (just
personal preference, no offense intended for folks who like doing web
development in Java or PHP).

> Assume that folks  (except for Java developers) don't  know much about
> WebSphere or JACL  or any such Java tech.   Us former WebSphere admins
> want to forget their past, anyways... ;)
:) -- I do know to avoid assuming much Java knowledge -- though it can
be hard to keep in mind, thanks.

> This is exciting, looking forward to it!
Looks like I'm scheduled for August!


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