[triangle-zpug] GetPaid Update: code, call, fundraising

Christopher Johnson cjj at ifpeople.net
Tue May 22 16:52:07 CEST 2007

Hi folks!

Please excuse cross postings...wanted to make sure our multiple
community circles received the latest update on the GetPaid commerce
product which we started at BBQ Sprint. 

It's an exciting time for a growing community supporting GetPaid - 
development is underway for our first release! The alpha release, "Red 
Ochre", has been moving along and we are happy to report on progress, as
well as an update on our "social source" funding drive. 

See the full article (also pasted below) on our blog:
http://plonegetpaid.com/updates or subscribe to our feed! 

Best wishes,

ifPeople - Innovation for People
t: 678-608-3408

Show me the code! 

This past week, Kapil took on GetPaid head on and has been making great 
towards the Red Ochre 
An excerpt: 

 from the admin screens you can now activate content types to 
 be available as buyable, shippable. the admin pages have also 
 switched out to a set of tabbed views from a single view. 

 from within the plone ui navigation, for content types configured 
 for it within the admin screens, you can enable an individual 
 piece of content to be one purchasble, and edit its purchase settings. 

Read complete update 
The latest also includes work on the shopping cart. If you want to grab
the code and check it out, check out the easy process thanks to the use
of zc.building! The Getting Start 
it all. 

For those of you anxious for the latest news, we will have a conference
call this Wednesday, May 23 at 1pm Eastern for an update on the
product's development. Please join us! Dial in to 605-725-3600 with
access code 69812 .
Social Source Fundraising 

We realize that commerce is a serious need in Plone's toolkit. We have
all been waiting for it to just "emerge" from the community, but
unfortunately, it hasn't yet. So...we decided to fast-track that by
going beyond the volunteer efforts at sprints to actually fund
development. Just as Open Source relies on a group of individuals to
contribute to the whole, our "social source" funding model relies on
individuals, organizations, and businesses in the community to
contribute the pieces that make funding possible. 

You can seeour ChipIn widget on the site - www.plonegetpaid.com . Our
"Red Ochre" Release has a cost of $7,500, of which we have secured
$4,500 from sponsors already. Now we are pursuing more community
contributions to raise the remaining funds. If you would like to be a
sponsor or make a contribution, please check out our Sponsorship 
Thanks to Jon Stahl for getting out our fundraising letter to Plone

Sponsors include: 

   - ifPeople 
   - Object Realms 
   - One/Northwest 
   - Contextual Corporation 
   - Totsie.com <http://totsie.com/> 

Read more about our sponsors! 
<http://plonegetpaid.com/sponsor/sponsors>   Become 
a sponsor


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