[triangle-zpug] Repoze meeting for TriZPUG

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Tue Nov 6 23:17:51 CET 2007


Chris McDonough is speaking about Repoze tonight at ZPUGDC and is asking 
us for a date to come talk to us.

He is checking to see if he is available Nov 27, our next regular 
meeting. He may somewhere else that day.

If he is not available then, he's asking if we have a December date.

Normally, we have a get together and not a meeting in December and have 
it earlier in the month.

Also, we now have these Plone Jam things on the first Wednesday and 
third Thursday.

*If* we made our December first Wednesday (Dec 5) Plone Jam our holiday 
get together *and* had Chris come speak for it,

a) how would you feel about that?

b) how would Train of Thought (Mark) feel about hosting it or not?

Keep in mind, I'd want to invite whoever wants to come from CharPy. Or I 
might try to coordinate for Chris to go to Charlotte on an adjoining 
date for a CharPy meeting. Except I think CharPy also normally meets on 
First and third Wednesdays. Confusing. So maybe even we have a holiday 
get together on first Thursday? Just say what you think.

Chris also said we could wait until January if we want.


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