[triangle-zpug] Repoze Talk Outline

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Tue Nov 27 21:40:36 CET 2007

Don't forget the meeting on KSS tonight:


We'll be using Plone for demo. But it's applicable to Django and Pylons 
as well. If you have any problems finding the place, my cell is local 
number 599-3530.

Don't forget the Repoze Tour next week:


The Repoze Tour is now DC, Triangle, Charlotte, and Atlanta. Portland 
and Seattle are in the works of bring added thanks to Andrew Burkhalter 
and Jon Baldivieso.

By way of Derek Richardon in Atlanta, here's an outline of the Repoze 
Talk for next week from Chris McDonough:


Talk description:

   This talk will consume approximately 1.5 hours (including a break
in the middle).  The first half of the talk

    - provide attendees with an understanding of the problems that
Repoze was created to solve.

    - provide attendees with an understanding of the purpose of WSGI
and Python eggs.

    - provide attendees with an understanding of the overall
architecture that Repoze uses.

    - Demonstrate a real-world Repoze deployment, showing how it's
possible to combine Zope and non-Zope
      applications within the same "URL space", including a
demonstration of Deliverance, which is WSGI
      middleware that allows you to (reasonably) easily "theme"
disparate applications so that they
      look similar to each other, despite being otherwise unrelated to
each other.

   The second half of the talk will focus on "repoze.zope2", which is
a WSGI application which allows you
   to publish Zope 2 content using a WSGI server.  The main points
delivered during this talk section
   will be:

    - The differences between using repoze.zope2 and a "stock" Zope 2
to serve your Zope 2 applications.

    - The benefits of using repoze.zope2 vs. a "stock" Zope 2

    - An examination of the middleware stack recommended for a
repoze.zope2 deployment.

    - An examination of the services provided within a "repoze.zope2"

    - A demonstration of running Plone using repoze.zope2.



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