[triangle-zpug] Plone Jams

Josh Johnson josh_johnson at unc.edu
Mon Oct 29 19:23:39 CET 2007

I used the plone buildout at the BBQ sprint, but haven't used buildout 
for anything since. I am planning to work it into my dev cycle in the 
future though. I sat in on a demo that Whit did of workingenv (I 
remember him calling it that, not sure about the workingenv/virtualenv 
difference), but have never used it. I use VMs to segment my python 
environments right now.


Chris Calloway wrote:
> Wow. Lots of feedback.
> So no night is good for everybody.
> So that makes Mike's suggestion to meet on different nights well taken.
> And Mark has a good offer to meet at a more central location.
> With that, I suggest we leave it to Mark and Mike to divvy up first 
> Wednesday (Mark) and third Thursday (Mike). Would you guys want post 
> your Plone Jam dates and locations on trizpug.org? First Wednesday is soon.
> I'm going to work some more on getting Agendaless to come here for that 
> Repoze talk during a regular or special meeting. The Zope podcast just 
> put out last week is about taking Repoze to the user groups. ChrisM is 
> doing a Repoze talk at ZPUGDC this week, I think. Whit said on IRC if we 
> have one here that he would like to come in from Tennessee for it.
> Is anybody here using virtualenv and zc.buildout? Not asking for help. 
> Asking for my information and planning.
> BTW, here's something some of you might want to read:
> http://www.muthukadan.net/docs/zca.html

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