[triangle-zpug] FYI - mailman host is moving

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Tue Oct 30 23:40:57 CET 2007

In the ongoing saga of our mailing list woes, I saw this:


which might explain why we've never received a response to our request 
to host the TriZPUG email list on mail.python.org.

So I'm putting this out here for you, if you have the experience 
requested and desire Python fame and glory, here's your chance.

That thing about "best if you're already known within the Python 
community," well, tell 'em you're well known in *this* Python community 
and send 'em our way. We'll see how well known they are to us. :) I 
don't know how anyone thinks they can get new volunteers by recycling 
the same set of faces for every job that comes along. We wouldn't be 
having this problem if that were the case.


Chris Calloway
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