[triangle-zpug] Paging Paul Smith and Adam Hupp and unrelated general question about Plone Conference addressed to all of TriZPUG

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Mon Sep 17 16:47:43 CEST 2007


Are you hosting TriZPUG next week? Just wondering in advance. :)


I heard you say you were interested in presenting Pymacs and/or Python 
3K soon?

I'm just voicing my support that if you were going to present either of 
those at a hypothetical meeting, say, next week, that I would make extra 
effort to be at such a meeting. :)


Are any of you sitting on the fence about whether to go to Plone 
Conference next month? Like, you think you might be going but are having 
doubts of one kind or another? I'm asking because there might be limited 
"help" available of one kind of another. Email me offlist, please, if 
you fit the profile.


Chris Calloway
office: 332 Chapman Hall   phone: (919) 962-4323
mail: Campus Box #3300, UNC-CH, Chapel Hill, NC 27599

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