[triangle-zpug] FYI - mailman host is moving

Jeff Rush jeff at taupro.com
Fri Sep 28 21:49:12 CEST 2007

Chris Calloway wrote:
> Chris Calloway wrote:
>> I'm going to apply to get us hosted on python.org.
> Speaking of the email list, I did send a note to mailman at python.org as 
> advised by the PSF user group advocacy coordinator and haven't heard 
> squat back.

Hmm, I did a full search of my mail archives and didn't see anything from you
about it - perhaps you meant mailman at python.org, which is an automated
blackhole that no one actually reads.  This has bit me before, waiting for a
reply from that address.

> I asked what the terms of use would be. I've heard that user
> group email lists hosted on python.org don't actually have 
> administrative control of their own email lists. So I simply wanted to 
> know what the deal would be.

No, actually you get a Mailman admin password and can set up your list any way
you want.  Just drop an email to "postmaster at python.org" and one of the
volunteers will help you out.  You'll need to send in that email a few items:

 - short name of your list   <SHORTNAME at python.org>
 - long name of your list
 - one or more emails of someone who will administer/moderate the list

They'll set you up, make your list private/invisible, you'll get an automated
email giving you your password and then you log in to change your password,
adjust the settings and change your list to public/visible.

Hope this helps,


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