[triangle-zpug] FYI - mailman host is moving

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Fri Sep 28 22:34:32 CEST 2007

Jeff Rush wrote:
> Chris Calloway wrote:
>> Chris Calloway wrote:
>>> I'm going to apply to get us hosted on python.org.
>> Speaking of the email list, I did send a note to mailman at python.org as 
>> advised by the PSF user group advocacy coordinator and haven't heard 
>> squat back.
> Hmm, I did a full search of my mail archives and didn't see anything from you
> about it - perhaps you meant mailman at python.org, which is an automated
> blackhole that no one actually reads.  This has bit me before, waiting for a
> reply from that address.

Send it to mailman.python.org as stated above is what I did, as advised 
by you in this offlist discussion on 3/3/07 precipitated by a discussion 
on the user group advocacy list about how to best get an email list for 
user groups:

Jeff Rush wrote:
 > Chris Calloway wrote:
 >> By what process did you go about getting an email list created on
 >> python.org?
 > All I did was fire off an email explaining who I was and what I wanted
 > to:
 >   <mailman at python.org>
 > I believe that alias goes to a list of volunteer administrators who
 > then  create the list for you.  As I recall, they prefer to keep admin
 > control  over the list themselves, so it would help if you provided in
 > your request any settings, such as the subject line label e.g.
 > [advocacy], and the abstract/description of your new list.  This way
 > they only have to change your settings once, when they set it up.
 > You can see a roster of all the mailing lists at:
 >   http://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo
 > to get some ideas on what to call yours relative to other similar
 > groups and what descriptive information is typically used on
 > python.org.  There are several usergroup lists already there, so your
 > request is not out of character.

Does that ring a bell? :)

Hearing that we wouldn't have admin control is what kept me from signing 
up for a python.org list then.

>> I asked what the terms of use would be. I've heard that user
>> group email lists hosted on python.org don't actually have 
>> administrative control of their own email lists. So I simply wanted to 
>> know what the deal would be.
> No, actually you get a Mailman admin password and can set up your list any way
> you want.  Just drop an email to "postmaster at python.org" and one of the
> volunteers will help you out.

OK, I'll try postmaster at python.org this time. Especially since we could 
get admin control of the list.

Although, if you look at:


It says:

"If you are having trouble using the lists, please contact 
mailman at python.org."

And the list admin page at:



"(Send questions and comments to mailman at python.org.)"

>  You'll need to send in that email a few items:
>  - short name of your list   <SHORTNAME at python.org>
>  - long name of your list
>  - one or more emails of someone who will administer/moderate the list
> They'll set you up, make your list private/invisible, you'll get an automated
> email giving you your password and then you log in to change your password,
> adjust the settings and change your list to public/visible.
> Hope this helps,

Very much, thanks again. Having to run our own mailserver and and 
mailman would have been a huge never-ending PITA.

Hopefully with administrative control, we'll be able to migrate our list 
of subscribers over almost transparently.


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