[triangle-zpug] FYI - mailman host is moving

T. Bryan tbryan at python.net
Sun Sep 30 15:48:58 CEST 2007

On Friday 28 September 2007 16:40, Chris Calloway wrote:
> >>  - one or more emails of someone who will administer/moderate the list

> Tom Bryan, do you still want to help with this? We have certainly
> benefited from your many years of doing so.

Sure.  There's not normally much to do, and the Mailman admin interface is 
pretty straightforward.  Of course, I know how the current list is 
configured, so I can probably help set up the new list the same way.  Really, 
the move should be largely painless except for the change in the actual list 

It looks like starahip.python.net will continue to exist for now.  Like I 
said, its original purpose isn't really necessary anymore, and I expect that 
it will probably be shut down at some point in the future.  It would make me 
feel better if we could move triangle-zpug to a different host now so that 
there's not a scramble in the future.  Thanks for taking the lead in finding 
out who to contact about moving the list to python.org, Chris.  By the way, 
does python.org also handle list archives?  It would be cool if we could move 
our old archives over, too: it would be a shame to lose five years of our 
history. http://starship.python.net/pipermail/triangle-zpug/


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