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Chris Rossi chris at christophermrossi.com
Tue Dec 30 23:44:17 CET 2008

Sorry, I didn't mean to send that to everyone.

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On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 5:42 PM, Chris Rossi <chris at christophermrossi.com>wrote:

> Hi Robert,
> I don't think I'd be much help over the phone--my answer would be,
> invariably, "I don't know, I'd have to take a look at it."  However, I'm
> fairly confident I can debug your script if given some hands on time with
> it.  My corporate rate is $100/hr and my rate for non-profits is $75/hr.
> Ah, I see you're at the University, so that's the non-profit rate.  I can
> spend a day looking at it, at the end of which I can either provide you a
> solution or an estimate for how much longer I think it will take.  I'd be
> really surprised if it took longer than a day.  If you refuse the estimate,
> that day is free, so you only pay if I actually solve your problem.
> Things are a little slow around here for the holidays so I have some extra
> time.  Let me know if you'd like to me to pursue this further.
> Thanks,
> Chris Rossi  +1 919 403 5502
> On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 3:34 PM, Robert Kraus <krausr at mail.fpg.unc.edu>wrote:
>> Group,
>> We had SixFeet Up generate a buildout script for our current pilot Plone
>> server. We had them do this a couple of months ago so we could migrate it
>> more easily to a new server platform (we had hoped to do this by Dec 08). I
>> have tried running the script recently on our new server and the it throws a
>> number errors and will not complete. I have done a good bit of exploring,
>> reading, and studying to get a general handle on the structure and process
>> of a buildout, and on trying to get this script to work. I resolve one error
>> only to have another one show up. Like many of you no doubt, SixFeet Up has
>> their own particular way of scripting a buildout--which does not follow
>> closely Martin Aspeli's model--and so not all of what they are doing
>> corresponds to the other documentation I have been studying (Aspeli's own
>> documentation, while solid, also leaves many questions unanswered).
>> Bottom line: We need to have a working buildout script very soon so we can
>> get our server into production; we are behind schedule. I am looking for
>> someone to work with me, to answer some general and some very specific
>> questions regarding the buildout structure and process. FPG IT Services is
>> willing to pay for someone to consult with me. Much of this could probably
>> be handled over the phone. (SixFeet Up has not responded to my pleas for
>> help thus far--I am sure they have much larger fish to fry and I realize it
>> is the 'holiday's afterall).
>> Anyone interested in working with me on this? I would greatly appreciate
>> it. Give me a buzz. I am in the office most of tomorrow. Email me or call
>> 919-448-4559.
>> Thanks, and happy new year to you all,
>> Robert
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