[TriZPUG] [triangle-zpug] how to match strings in python

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Fri Apr 3 00:33:47 CEST 2009

Um, is anybody aware that this thread started from the old python.net 
email list instead of our current python.org email list?

Joe, please adjust your address book for trizpug at python.org.

Please direct follow-ups to trizpug at python.org.

This is a shame because this is the most fun thread we've had in awhile.

If you are seeing this thread for the first time today and wondering 
wtf, please see:


In the future, if you get an email with the tag [triangle-zpug] in the 
subject line, it's from the wrong list. The current list tags posts with 
[TriZPUG]. The correct and current email list is trizpug at python.org.

Hey, I've done it myself. Twice last year apparently.

We haven't shut down the old list because of some problems importing the 
old archives to python.org. So if you send a post to it, it still goes 
out. Just not to everybody who has joined the real TriZPUG list since 
May 2008.


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