[TriZPUG] Happy New Year Gift for TriZPUG

Tobias McNulty tobias at caktusgroup.com
Thu Dec 31 19:42:50 CET 2009

Indeed!  I didn't wasn't even aware of some of these blogs so this is a
great resource.  Thanks for setting it up and happy new year to all!


On Thu, Dec 31, 2009 at 10:49 AM, Kurt Grandis <kgrandis at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks Chris! This is nice resource to have especially for (and to keep
> tabs on) folks who are using Python in the area but don't necessarily make
> it to TriZPUG meetings.
> Load 'er up...
> -Kurt
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>> Subject: [TriZPUG] Happy New Year Gift for TriZPUG
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>> Joseph Tate asked at the last meeting if TriZPUG has a Planet site.
>> I replied, when someone in the do-acracy gets around to making one, we
>> will.
>> I had an evening on my hands. I'd been frustrated by the huge pile of
>> projects hounding me which all require a month or more of isolation to
>> finish well. I needed something quick and fun to do while on holiday
>> vacation.
>> I found this crazy bundle of Python scripts called Venus slapped
>> together by Sam Ruby (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam_Ruby). It makes
>> making a Planet site an easy evening's worth of tinkering around.
>> So, I got around to making http://planet.trizpug.org in one evening
>> and then maybe another evening of tinkering around with tuning it.
>> I populated it with a few blogs I knew about. If your blog is listed
>> there and you don't want it on Planet TriZPUG, just let me know and I
>> will delist it.
>> If you participate in TriZPUG, have a blog that is at least sometimes
>> about Python, and don't see it listed there, please accept my
>> apologies. I wasn't trying to intentionally overlook anyone. Just send
>> me your blog feed's URL and I will get it listed right away. The more
>> the merrier. If you have a feed that's limited to just your Pythonic
>> or IT-related posts, even better.
>> Planet TriZPUG requests  feeds every hour on the half hour. I think
>> that's probably an acceptable number of requests.
>> Thanks to Mitch Amiano who caught an error in next month's meeting
>> announcement. It's been fixed. The meeting will be on Thursday,
>> January 28 at 7pm in the conference room of Carrboro Creative
>> Coworking: http://trizpug.org/Members/bac/jan-10-mtg . Kurt Grandis
>> will talk about Fabric: http://wiki.fabfile.org/ .
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