[TriZPUG] Anyone interested in a TriGTUG?

Paul McLanahan pmclanahan at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 17:15:37 CEST 2009

Hi All,

Sorry about the cross-post, but I just saw this flash by my feed
reader, and thought it strange that the map on the following page had
such a gaping hole in the southeast US.


Google itself is supporting (somewhat) user groups who are interested
in discussing and using Google technologies (AppEngine, GWT, Android,
APIs, etc.). I think it'd be great to start a TriGTUG (obviously the
best acronym out there so far). If others are interested, please join
me on the Google Group I setup for this purpose, and if we can get
enough interest, perhaps we can start to represent the southeast.


The official site for these groups is http://www.gtugs.org/. Per their
recommendations, I've gone ahead and registered trigtug.org. Domains
are cheap and I don't mind fronting this cost if we get a useful group
together. I'll be getting it signed up for Google Apps soon (seems
only appropriate). Anyone willing to join or (especially) help me
manage this group, please join the google group linked above. Hope to
see you there.



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