[TriZPUG] Designer for Scientific Visualization

Ben Donnelly bendonnelly at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 23:12:36 CEST 2009

At the end of the Trizpug meeting last night, I mentioned that our lab
(http://mgel.env.duke.edu) is looking the sort of designer who could
help get our web sites into top shape. I saw a bunch of eyes light up,
so please pass along who y'all were considering. Here's our flagship
web app:


There's an number of other projects related to the Census of Marine
Life that we are involved with as well:


In the next year, we're going to be involved with creating a lot of
information graphics that aren't necessarily cartographic, which is
where our core skills reside. We've got the coders, and we all like
information design, but we haven't put in the hours to become really
good graphic designers or usability experts. So that's the foremost
skill we're seeking. Adobe Flash skills are probably a must for
producing the information graphics. Beyond that, we're not seeking
specific technology skills or scientific knowledge- just the
willingness to acquire it.

If you want to reply off-list, send it to my Duke address: bendy at duke.edu


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