[TriZPUG] The not-a-meeting meeting this Thursday

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Tue Aug 24 20:28:53 CEST 2010

This Thursday is the 4th Thursday of the month.

And I haven't seen anybody from Raleigh call shotgun on having a meeting.

So I'm just saying, if you want, I'll be at Milltown (in Carrboro) at 
7pm on Thursday. Heck, I may even be there by 6pm. Who knows?

If you want to come by, I'll be there awhile. If you want to talk about 
Python, I'll be there awhile. If you want to talk about how doggone good 
the beer at Milltown is, I'll be there awhile. If you want to just stare 
off into space while listening to the bartender's awesome taste in 
tuneage, I'll be there awhile doing the same.

I've been out of commission for a few months. So I'd be glad to see 
anybody who drops by. If I don't recognize you right away, don't take it 
personally. There's a reason. I can't see too damn good anymore.

I won't be arranging any speakers. I won't be giving any lightning 
talks. There won't be a laptop projector. (Although there is free Wifi 
at Milltown). But I did write some Python somehow this week. And I'll be 
checking to make sure that Gulden Draak is still a good substitute for 
St. Bernardus.


Chris Calloway
office: 332 Chapman Hall   phone: (919) 599-3530
mail: Campus Box #3300, UNC-CH, Chapel Hill, NC 27599

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