[TriZPUG] Fwd: New Nightlight Hours! Plus, Binary Marketing Show / Old Time Jam / 919 Noise / Peter Pendergrass / DJ Steph Russ / Crooked Cabaret

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Tue Aug 31 22:08:48 CEST 2010

On 8/31/2010 9:38 AM, Chris Rossi wrote:
> The nightlight is now opening at 5pm with coffee and free wifi.  They say
> they're open to meetings, so maybe we could try a TriZPUG there sometime, if
> we have trouble finding a venue some month.

Do they have parking? A video projector?

I don't think we'll ever have a hard time finding a place to meet in 
Chapel Hill. We've been meeting at CCC lately, even though the meeting 
room is tiny for the number of people who show up, because they have 
plenty of parking and Brad called shotgun to have it there. If he hadn't 
called shotgun, I would have as I have plenty of high tech meeting rooms 
at my immediate disposal and we were meeting in them before Brad called 

I don't think there's a lack of places to meet in Durham or Raleigh, 
either. We just haven't had anyone calling shotgun soon enough in 
Raleigh lately and one case where shotgun was called in Durham but 
abandoned right before the meeting.

It's more of a people/expectation problem that a meeting place problem. 
There are probably at least 20 people on this list with the ability to 
reserve a suitable room at NCSU if they wish. It was suggested at our 
Milltown social last week that maybe we should fish around for interest 
at Red Hat HQ, since that is on a campus with plenty of parking, lots of 
high tech goodness, a history of hosting TriLUG meetings, and is right 
next to where TriZPUG met for years.

But it's still a matter of someone calling shotgun on that in a timely 
manner and sticking with it. WIth the shotgun rules, you don't wait to 
be served. You do the serving.

You want to call shotgun a least a month in advance. You want to call it 
on an appropriate venue because restaurants aren't set up for it, places 
that kick you out at a certain time aren't it, and places without wifi 
or video projection aren't it. Universities are ideal if you can get the 
parking thing worked out. And if you've called shotgun and later find 
you can't make it, it really is up to you to find a replacement host to 
carry on with an already publicized meeting. It's also ideal and cuts 
down on confusion to do the same rotation of places. So calling shotgun 
can imply some long term responsibilities.

There's still a reservation for the September meeting at Duke North 
Pavillion. Announcements just haven't been posted yet. There are several 
people returning from DjangoCon in September who should have plenty to tell.

However, I'll get together with you at Nightlight anytime you ask. :)


Chris Calloway
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