[TriZPUG] Anyone else writing Python for OpenOffice.org?

David Handy david at handysoftware.com
Sat Feb 27 03:39:21 CET 2010

Hi all -

I've just started a project with an old college buddy of mine who is a
telecom consultant, writing code that will run in an OpenOffice.org
spreadsheet to help with telecom record-keeping.

Anyone have experience writing Python code for OpenOffice.org? I'm creating
a UI inside a spreadsheet, with interactive buttons and dropdowns, etc.

It looks like the OpenOffice support for Python is pretty good. I think you
can do anything in Python that you can do in Java or OpenOffice Basic. But,
I'm climbing the learning curve figuring out what I can do and how to do it.
Any tips or experience reports would be appreciated.

David H

David Handy
Computer Programming is Fun!
Beginning Computer Programming with Python

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