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Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Wed Jan 6 23:11:14 CET 2010

On 1/6/2010 4:30 PM, Joe Gregorio wrote:
> I'm also presenting at PyCon 2010,

Oh, yeah, Joe is one of the *invited* speakers. His talk, "Threading Is 
Not A Model," is a follow-up to one of the themes from his talk last 
year, "The (Lack Of) Design Patterns In Python."


I'm pretty sure Joe's talk will settle the GIL argument once and for all. :)

> who else is going?

Good question to ask with about seven hours left of early bird 
registration period.

The following people in the Triangle have paid registrations:

Joe Gregorio
Frank Wierzbicki
Gary Poster
Kurt Grandis
Michael Clemmons
Chris Calloway
Joseph Tate
Chris Outen
Keith Solademi
David Chandek-Stark
Chris Rossi
Paul McLanahan
Cliff Dyer
Jon Sackett
Chander Ganesan
Albert Hopkins
Michaux Kelley
Michael Wright

And that list doesn't include most of the people who said they are going 
at the last two TriZPUG meetings. So I'm assuming there will be a lot 
more registrations soon from folks with an extra $50 to blow.

Some out-of-area people who have been guests/volunteers at TriZPUG 
sponsored events and who are also registered for PyCon:

Ian Bicking
Daniel Greenfeld (PyDanny)
Chris Johnson
Aaron VanDerlip
Calvin Hendryx-Parker
Chris McDonough
Chris Shenton
Greg Wilson
Jeffrey Elkner
Kapil Thangavelu
Mike Fletcher
Alan Runyan
Shane Hathaway
Tres Seaver


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