[TriZPUG] BlueBream

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Fri Jan 15 17:27:59 CET 2010

A very rapidly evolving Zope 3 framework emerged at the beginning of 
this New Year:


It has a rather active Twitter channel and is getting some traction, 
most recently a big pat on the back from the Zope Foundation which is 
also creating a subdomain for it on par with Grok:


The framework was started by Baiju Muthukadan, the author of that open 
source ZCA book, which was great and simple, but also kind of thin. The 
documentation for BlueBream looks like it might be a 
restart/continuation of that book:


BlueBream looks like a combination of ZTK, Buildout, Paste, and several 
of the more popular Zope 3 namespace packages. In looking at the 
documentation it looks like a good start at simplifying entry into Zope 
3 application development more than anything I've seen yet, including Grok.

The documentation even makes this claim:

"Very recently Zope 3 project is renamed to BlueBream."


BlueBream is managed over at Launchpad:


But has its repo on zope.org's SVN:


The IRC channel looks kind of lonely:



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