[TriZPUG] TriZPUG November 2010 Meeting: PyCon Tune-up

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Wed Nov 17 20:12:04 CET 2010


Reminder: the TriZPUG meeting in Raleigh is tomorrow (Thur. Nov 18) at 7pm.

Directions: http://www.redhat.com/about/contact/ww/americas/raleigh.html

This will be our first meeting at Red Hat HQ. Your host is Alex Kesling.

I will not be able to be there due to more eye surgery this week. So I 
hope you will all pitch in to make the meeting a success.

As the login message says on our IRC, "Please be a catalyst." Please be 
a catalyst at this meeting by participating (i.e., speaking up). Please 
start by introducing yourselves to each other.

If you submitted a talk at PyCon, bring it to this meeting and practice 
on us. If you haven't finished your talk, practice what you have. If you 
haven't started preparing your talk yet, come present your outline you 

If you didn't submit a talk to PyCon, I bet you did learn something 
about Python in the last month. Take one minute, or five, or ten, to 
stand up at the meeting and tell us about it. That's called a lightning 
talk. Lightning talks are what make good meetings work well.

If you came to the last meeting, then you know that there is no 
lightning talk to trivial or stupid, as I got up and told about the list 
multiplication mistake I keep making over and over through the years. 
It's a really stupid mistake. Believe me, you risk no embarrassment in 
making a lightning talk at TriZPUG.

Please decide the after-meeting water hole location at the meeting 
itself. There are four bars up at Mission Vally Shopping Center just a 
couple of blocks from the meeting location (Sammy's, Champions, Ruckus, 
and Ba-Da Wings). Plone Boot Camp was conceived at Sammy's after a 
meeting where only three people showed up. Moral: after-meetings are the 
most important part of the meeting.


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