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Fri Jan 28 22:20:39 CET 2011

Also, let me know if any of you are interested in sprinting with me, one 
of the data points in the proposal is how many people are planning to 


On 01/28/2011 03:56 PM, Josh Johnson wrote:
> In case ya'll didn't know. I'm probably going to submit a proposal for
> my new pet project, crushinator (a more generic, front-end-friendly
> skeleton maker framework to replace PasteScript). I'll let everybody
> know if I get in :)
> JJ
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> Subject: [FRPythoneers] PSF Sprints - Call For Applications
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> From: Brian Curtin <brian.curtin at gmail.com>
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> Hello Front Range Pythoneers!
> On behalf of the Python Software Foundation’s sponsored sprint group, I
> wanted to drop your group a quick note introducing us. If you’re already
> familiar with our sponsored sprints, you’ll be happy to know we made a
> few changes to help both sprint groups and Python even more.
> The PSF recently set aside funding to be distributed to groups who spend
> time contributing to the Python ecosystem, often in the form of
> development sprints. Our goal is to help you help Python, so whether
> it’s buying meals or renting meeting space for your all-day hackathon,
> we have a budget set aside to reimburse your expenses up to $300 USD (up
> from $250).
> If your goal is to make the Python world a better place, and you
> work on the problems facing Python today, we want to help you. We’re
> looking for groups of hackers that spend their time fixing and
> expanding the wide variety of Python interpreters, libraries, tools,
> and anything else affecting the community.
> We’re also looking for groups who want to help and get started but
> don’t have the resources to get together. Whether your group is
> separated by a train ride or lacking a shared space, we want to help
> you. On-boarding new contributors to open source Python projects is
> an especially important area that we’d like to work with.
> This means if you have a Python project and you want to sprint -- we
> want to help you.
> Some sprints we’ve sponsored include the porting of Genshi to Python 3,
> improvements to packaging (Distribute/distutils), and most recently, the
> PyPy winter sprint in Switzerland.
> If your group is interested in hosting a sprint, check out the full
> details of our call for applications at
> http://www.pythonsprints.com/cfa/and contact us at sprints at python.org
> <mailto:sprints at python.org>.
> Thanks for your time, and happy sprinting!
> Brian Curtin
> Jesse Noller
> http://www.pythonsprints.com/ <http://pythonsprints.com/>
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