[TriZPUG] [OT] interactive help for git?

Tom Roche Tom_Roche at pobox.com
Sat Mar 24 15:44:51 CET 2012

Apologies for butting in on the rename thread, but this

Calvin Spealman Fri, 23 Mar 2012 17:57:47 -0400
> My email inbox is my life inbox!

(me too :-) reminded me of a problem I've recently encountered. The
question is not pythonic, or even mercurial, but since the tool is
widely used, and this being a code group, I thought I'd ask for
pointers to usable email-based help for git, or basically any non-IRC
interactive git help. Why I ask:

For various reasons (notably, the pain of our last release), the folks
who develop the scientific model on which I currently contract are
considering moving from cvs to git, or possibly another DVCS. I'm very
much evangelizing this, with one caveat: for various reasons (notably:
this group seems very inbox-oriented, but not very RTFMish), I'd very
much like to be able to point folks who need help to a *usable*
listserv. I.e., not git at vger.kernel.org: I seek something(s) that is
as usable relative to git, as this list (or tutor at python.org) are to

Something web-based (similar to, e.g., ubuntu or sourceforge forums)
would probably work well too. IRC probably wouldn't: at least, folks
here don't seem to use the available chat tool (sametime) much. So: 
if you were gonna port a group to git, what would you advise for
interactive help?

apologies for OT-ness, and +1 on the name change, Tom Roche <Tom_Roche at pobox.com>

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