[TriZPUG] project nights, etc.

Justis Peters justis.peters at gmail.com
Mon May 28 06:06:51 CEST 2012

On 05/27/2012 11:51 PM, Christopher Fox wrote:
> Besides Project Night at Caktus, what are some other similar events in 
> the area? I think I heard a couple of others mentioned during last 
> week's meeting, but I don't remember what they are.
SplatSpace hosts a "software project night" every Sunday. Here's the 
next one:

There are also language-specific hack nights for a few meetups in the 
area. The ones I know of are for Raleigh.rb (Ruby) and 
TriangleJavascript. If you interested in either of those, check for the 
related groups on meetup.com. They are, of course, not about python. If 
you go to the Sunday event at SplatSpace, though, you'll find a decent 
number of pythonistas there.

You are also welcome to call shotgun on your own hack night. Just let us 
know when and where :)

Kind regards,

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