[Tutor] First script...

Ben Beuchler insyte@emt-p.org
Tue, 14 Dec 1999 10:44:55 -0600 (CST)

Well, I've written my very first Python script.  Actually, it's my first
script of any type... Haven't even had time to debug/test it.  It is also
a little more ambitious then would have been ideal for my first project,
but cest la vie.

Anyway, I would appreciate any comments, constructive or of the "you
moron" variety.  Here's a link to the code:


It's designed to convert a mail server from sendmail using
/etc/virtusertable to map virtual domains to qmail's vpopmail.  This
involves creating a whole different directory tree, with subdirectories
for each domain and sub-subdirectories for each user and a ./Maildir/
under that.  It also involves creating a vpasswd file in each domains
subdirectory containing the passwords from /etc/shadow for each real user.
I'm not worried about the security implications of this, because if it
works we can eliminate all the real accounts required by sendmail and
replace 'em with just ONE account for vpopmail.  

Anyway, that should be enough background to understand what the script is
supposed to do.  

I'm interested in any feedback whatsoever, from bugfixes to overall


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