[Tutor] MacOS

Steve Spicklemire steve@spvi.com
Sat, 18 Dec 1999 08:06:14 -0500 (EST)

Hi David,

   I'm a "mac" user of python, but I'm not a Mac expert...really.
I spend 97% of my 'mac' time running telnet. ;-) I do have a couple
of projects that are totally mac though.

   If you have mac specific questions... I highly recommend the Mac
Python sig.



>>>>> "ge0desic" == ge0desic  <taveren@bigfoot.com> writes:

    ge0desic> Hi,

    ge0desic> First I'd like to say that after several half-hearted
    ge0desic> attempts (and much procrastination) at learning Perl, I
    ge0desic> decided to give Python a try based on ESR's
    ge0desic> recommendation in his book 'The Cathederal and the
    ge0desic> Bazaar'.  I must say that I am very impressed.  The
    ge0desic> language itself is easy to understand and the
    ge0desic> tutorials/examples I have been looking at are the best I
    ge0desic> have seen.  I actually am beginning to understand alot
    ge0desic> of the concepts that other resources I have used could
    ge0desic> not explain coherently.

    ge0desic> Before I start asking alot of Mac related questions
    ge0desic> here, I wanted to find out if there are other Mac users
    ge0desic> on this list.  I have discovered that some of the
    ge0desic> examples I try out don't work on the Mac but do work
    ge0desic> when I try them at work on Win NT.

    ge0desic> My interest lies more toward the WWW/CGI aspects of
    ge0desic> Python and at this time I don't have a *Nix server setup
    ge0desic> (though it won't be long now).  Are there any HTTP
    ge0desic> servers I can run on top of MacOS that will allow me to
    ge0desic> play with Python?

    ge0desic> thanks for the time, David

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