[Tutor] some tkinter questions

Hans Nowak hnowak@cuci.nl
Tue, 21 Dec 1999 22:22:52 +0100

On 21 Dec 99, Suzanne Little wrote:

> Thank you for your help Hans. My listbox is now scrolling happily, I've
> found some documentation on Pmw and it looks quite useful and I've
> worked out a way of getting instance representations into my listbox. 
> Unfortunately though, I still can't access elements of my listbox or
> close my window. I've altered where I have my import statements but this
> hasn't made any difference. The modules appear to be importing each
> other correctly but I can't access the listbox. This could also be the
> problem with closing the window since I can't say w1.destroy because it
> doesn't know what w1 is. I've tried a number of different ways of
> calling things but nothing seems to have done anything. If anyone has
> any suggestions I'd be very grateful.

"It doesn't know what w1 is"... sounds like some variable names are 
messed up, or declared locally rather than as class attributes, or a
missing self, or something like that. :) To be more specific, I need 
to see more code. If it's a lot, you can mail it to me privately, 
otherwise you can post it to the mailing list so others may shed 
their light on it too.

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