[Tutor] What happens when you download Python???

Warren 'The Howdy Man' Ockrassa warren@nightwares.com
Wed, 22 Dec 1999 08:05:56 -0600

alelacasta illalefuma wrote:

> What happens when you download Python?  Does it like replace you browser or
> something..?

No. It's just a plain old executable like pretty much any other program
or programming environment. You DL it, install it, and then basically do
what you want with it.

> Also I heard Python was a language like HTML, if so is there
> anywhere i can go that will teach me how to read it?

It is nothing like HTML; HTML is a method primarily of formatting text
and images, whereas Python is used to issue commands to the computer.
The two don't resemble each other either. It's got more in common with
high-level languages such as HyperTalk, MetaTalk and Lingo. The Python
site, www.python.org, is the very best place to start looking it over.

Hope this helps!


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