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Hail Monty, who art a heathen,

you´re right! many files go pffffft! Do a grep on files that have a "main". Try them. Many of the other files are not applications, but more like utilties. Otherwise, write a wrapper that imports the files you want to look at, and then does a sleep(100). This snooze is still no assurance that you´ve generated GUI output.

$PEACE$ and good luck

David Ungemach

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I am completely new to Python, so please bear with me.  My question is this: 
  Whenever I try to run one of the .py files that came with the program, it 
runs then immediately the window closes.  I looked for the "Close window on 
exit" box, but found none.  Can you tell me how to keep the window from 
closing after the program runs?  If I can't see the output, then there is no 
reason to even try to learn.



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