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fractalyze@iname.com fractalyze@iname.com
Sat, 24 Jul 1999 00:02:31 -0600

hey there josh -

i had the same problem. if you are running python on win9x or 
something similar, you may want to try one of the following:

a) open up a dos prompt 
b) at the dos prompt, type (without the quotes): "python the-py-

when you do this, the error messages stay in the dos shell after 
python closes.

i have made a win95(x?) file extension/association that does the 
thing...check out my message at:


(i'm not sure that link is going to work)

if it doesn't, try this:
go to http://www.deja.com
go to power search
search for:
Subject: extension
Author: Isidor
Forum: comp.lang.python

NOTE TO ANYONE ELSE READING THIS: i tried finding my message in the 
python-list "archives" at the python site, but it wasn't there. in 
fact, there are several (lots?) of messages missing from the archive. 
anyone know why?

QUESTION: i have several newbie-related posts (i am a newbie) that i 
sent to comp.lang.python (tips/tools, not questions). is it 
ok/advisable/reasonable to cross-post them here? (E.g., reposting the 
message about win95(9x/NT?) file extensions/associations.)

i hope that helps!

take care