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Phil Harris phil@media-1.ml.uwcm.ac.uk
Thu, 11 Mar 1999 10:22:08 -0000

I stand converted 8^(

I'm sure this used to work, hmm, I hate it when I'm wrong.

Apologies all round 8^)


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>Phil Harris wrote:
>> And now, the easy way to convert ico files to bitmaps.
>> Open windows explorer, hilite the file to be converted, and rename it,
>> file is automaticaly converted by Windows.
>> Easy when you know how eh!
>Did you ever test it? 3-[
>I did, and it doesn't work, at least not with my Win98 standard setup.
>I think you should stand in the corner, or I'm dumb.  <|:)
>Way out of the corner:
>Tell us what you installed to get the autoconversion,
>and please send me a converted py.ico file which
>is recognized by word :-)
>Well, I know there are some auto conversions available.
>Versions of WinZip know to convert a .zip file into
>a self extractor after you simply rename the file.
>But this is dependent of the availability of a converter,
>and I doubt this is installed by default for .ico files.
>renaming_.py_to_.exe_is_easier_than_freeze - ly y'rs chris.ico
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