[Tutor] Python Snippets Site

Hans Nowak ivnowa@hvision.nl
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 23:27:43 +0100

Howdy y'all,

This tutor forum looks like a good place to announce my Python Snippets site. 
(In fact, it's been there for a while, but I've been reluctant to show it to 
the world.)

In this case, "snippets" are small, *working* pieces of Python code. 
"Working" means here that you can take a snippet, feed it to Python, and it 
works right out of the box, without any implicit assumptions ("it's obvious 
that this module should have been imported" etc). People who have a certain 
Python question, can go to this site and see if the solution is there. Of 
course, anybody who wants learn something new can browse it.

Anyway, that's the goal. So far not too much snippets are in the repository 
yet, and those who are, might need a double check. A lot of new ones are 
waiting on my hard disk, but before I spend much energy to working on this 
site, I want to know if it will be useful to a lot of people.

Here's what I offer:  ;^)


(It's still under construction, and as I said, there aren't many snippets 
yet, but before I continue to work on it, I need to know if it's worth 
working on.)

Here's what I need:

1) Feedback. It's cool making such a site, but if I don't get any reactions, 
I won't know if things are good or bad, useful or crockish, etc.

2) More snippets. Lots more! The more, the merrier. A site with lots of 
snippets is of course more likely to have the solution to one's problem. I 
feel that picking snippets is not something one person should do. If your 
question is satisfactorily answered by a Python guru, and s/he has provided 
you with some nice code, I'd like to hear from it. Similarly, if you've just 
developed and posted some great code, I'd appreciate it if you could cc me 
the file. Sure enough, I can find it in the newsgroup myself -- but if anyone 
will be so friendly to forward his code, this would speed up things a lot. 
Because to be honest, I don't have much time to wade through myriads of files 
looking for that one gem of Python code.

The email address is hey_psst@usa.net. (PSST stands for Python Snippet 
Support Team. ;^) Please do not use my other email addresses for this 
purpose. Depending on your reactions and support, this site will live... or 

Veel liefs,

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