[Tutor] Python saves the day?

PaulODavis@aol.com PaulODavis@aol.com
Tue, 16 Nov 1999 17:23:01 EST

Fascinating stuff on this site. I need some advice if possible. I have a 
source code (It's AI code for a game) written in C++. My intrepid programmer 
decided that Visual Basic was the desired front-end to bring this to the web. 
 Sadly, he was mistaken. Now we have almost finished graphics and still seek 
a front-end solution. Could Python and SWIG save the day, do you think? Would 
Python be a better choice for such a task than say, Smalltalk?
As you can tell I'm somewhat techno-limited but could sure use some help in 
getting out from under the VB steamroller.
Paul Davis